Corporate Courses: Successful Selling begins with the product (SG Sales Guru)

Have you ever wondered why Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world? Or how Apple products fly off the shelves the moment they are launched?

The answer is simple. Steve Jobs did not start out by asking what Apple could build, but asked what the consumer wanted.

The same is true with sales. In a recent consultation with an internet company, I was asked to review their current marketing strategy. During their brief, the first thing I noticed was that the product range was packaged according to what the company felt was the most profitable to themselves. Little or no thought was given to determine how the target market could use the product to their own advantage. Obviously, this was wrong and their sales figures reflected this.

I then led the management team in an analysis of what their target subscribers really needed and then worked to repackage their services to meet the needs of their subscribers. While their sales team have just started to work with the new range, preliminary figures are proving positive.

In short, sales always is always about the needs of the buyer. Offer a product or service that meets those needs and you are guaranteed success. While it may sound intuitive and basic, many companies still fail to do this.

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2 responses to “Corporate Courses: Successful Selling begins with the product (SG Sales Guru)”

  1. Joshua says :

    Spot on!
    Thanks for the reminder.

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