Proven Military Leadership Approaches for the Business World

Militaries of the world recognise that modern warfare will increasingly be fought and won by the individual soldiers on the ground. Centralised command and control can only help shape the battle-space for the warfighter but ultimately victory or defeat will be determined by the footsoldier at the front. Business is no different. Today’s customers no longer accept “standard” products and services and also demand the best service at the lowest price delivered immediately. Traditional head office decision-making is too slow and far removed from the “action” making it difficult for businesses to meet customer’s demands.

To enable their soldiers to fight effectively and win away from centralised control and decision making, militaries train their soldiers with the skills of (a) understanding Commander’s Intent; (b) providing a decision-making framework; and (c) a continual learning process.

To read our consultant’s full article, click here.



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