Social Media Marketing Course for Singapore Businesses

One of the most effective social media promotions that CW Fong & Associates ran was a Facebook Snap, Share and Save promotion.  
Our client, a well-known Singapore family restaurant named Gu Ma Jia had just engaged us to manage their social media campaign.  We knew that the food was great and we wanted to (a) tap on Gu Ma Jia’s customers’ network of friends; and (b) create a word of mouth effect. While customers did share their experiences at Gu Ma Jia, the numbers were not high.
As we thought about the “problem,” we realized that customers were not motivated to share.  We thus initiated a “Snap, Share and Save” campaign where customers who shared a picture of themselves at the restaurant would receive a $5 cash voucher to be used with their next meal.
How it worked was simple … whenever a customer was presented the bill for their meal, a small card (see pic) was included.  If the customer felt that they wanted to save money at their next meal, they simply shared a picture of their meal.
The results were amazing.  On average, 2 in 10 customers participated in the promotion and assuming each customer had 300 friends and Gu Ma Jia serves 200 customers each day, over 12,000 people are made aware of Gu Ma Jia daily.  So if you are a Singapore small business owner and you need a cheap and effective way to raise awareness for your product or services, try it.  For more information about CWFA’s social media marketing courses, email justin[a]

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