Corporate Training on the Use of Social Media: An Alternative for the Do-Not-Call Registry

Recognizing the challenge that many small and medium enterprises (SME) will face when the personal data protection laws will be enforced with effect on 1 Jan 2014, CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) has developed a service that will help Singapore SMEs to continue to reach out to potential clients.

Our Facebook Page Champion service offers clients the ability to put, and keep, their names, product and/ or service in front of over 100,000 Singapore Facebook Users.  Using carefully selected local Facebook users who are influential amongst their friends, CWFA can assign them to “champion” a client’s Facebook page.  Using this service, all the client’s postings will be rapidly shared throughout our network.  Additionally, as our Facebook Page Champions remain incognito, clients will also benefit from the word-of-mouth effect.

Unlike one-off email blasts that cost around $0.02 cents per email each time (with click rates averaging around 5%), CWFA’s Facebook Page Champion Service costs only $0.025 per fan for 1 month.  Statistically, this means that our clients’ Facebook posts will not only have a good chance of being seen, but be seen several times throughout the month.

 To join CWFA as a Facebook Page Champion, or to engage our services, email our Principal Consultant at justin(a) or visit us at

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