Corporate Leadership Training Workshops for Singapore Businesses

Did you know that the feedback you give can either create a positive self-reinforcing loop or a negative one?

Reinforcement Loop

Reinforcement Loop

Did you also know that the type of feedback a supervisor gives depends on “how” they see their staff?  In many instances, workplace conflicts or tensions start because someone was not careful or conscious of what he said or did.  Such tensions impact an organization’s productivity as employees now work against each other in “revenge”.  What could simply have been done with a simple phone call now needs employees to draft long emails seeking support and permission from each other.  Economically, this can cost a company literally thousands in wasted man-hours per month.  Let us work with your team to identify past problems, put them in the proper perspective and then equip your management team with the skill-sets to prevent, and when necessary, resolve work place conflicts.

Contrary to what many will tell you, good managers are trained and not born.  Ask us about our leadership workshops for mid and junior managers.

Contact: justin(a) or PM us at our Facebook page.


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